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Against All Odds

Writing is a tool that allows me to be free at expressing myself. 

Writing gives me mental strength. I don’t have to hold anything in. I enjoy sharing knowledge as well as receiving  knowledge.  

Yes. I am  here for a reason. Looking forward to seeing where  this. Journey is going to take me.

On a positive note. I’m not letting my physical disability slow me down.

Generate excitement

I am absolutely satisfied with the idea of blogging from home: 

My reason are based me being physically disabled. 

A 9-5 job outside of the home would become complicated with transportation & medical appointments.

Here I work at my time from my mobile phone.

A Fantastic way to earn income   while creating Inspiration. 

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Sign up to hear from us about specials, sales, and events.

My Blog

My Blog

Dear Viewers 

Hi My name is Keena a.k.a Sweetz

I am outgoing and full of life experience.

 I have been through a lot. Survival mode is a constant thing for me.  The experiences that I have had to face.. I know for a fact that my experience can be helpful towards others. The good and the bad. Let’s also include humor.

Which is why, I am grateful that I can blog from my mobile phone.

 I can freely be my natural self. And hopefully I can be Successful at  it.

Many Blessings 

Thank you in Advance


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around. Then make sure to drop me a line.

I look forward to hearing from you.

My Blog

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